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05-11-2009, 12:08 PM
I'm just wondering by what measure you think cPanel is easier to use than the existing site manager??? And why in the world you would even consider that junk??

From my experience with cPanel it is much harder to use than any other site interface I've ever had to deal with. Terminology is wrong on many pages (you're lucky if the descriptions make any kind of sense to unexperienced users), there is absolutely no logic to where you find things, and the many similar icons make the whole thing more confusing than necessary.

It is a bright example of what happens when programmers design things for themselves to use, and don't know anything about UI design to make it easy for others to use.

I'm a programmer myself, and absolutely hate cPanel. The thing is like using Windows 3 all over again, where you can't find anything because nothing is where you would most logically look for it. It is simply counter-intuitive for users that don't have a lot of experience with webhosts, or know anything about how the servers work, especially in a *nix environment.

I've been through several hosts over the past 6 years, but Westhost was the first one to provide a friendly environment where you can actually figure out how to do things on your own, without having to contact support for every little thing.

I have a long list of hosts that I cannot recommend because of cPanel. Would hate having to add WestHost to that list. From the look of it on the cPanel website, it hasn't changed much at all over the past year or two since I last had to suffer from it for a client... still pointlessly bloated, messy, and lousy designed.

05-14-2009, 09:24 AM
Why cPanel?

I would agree with others on this board. From experience on two other hosting services we were on previously, cPanel is NOT an improvement from what we have right now. I went through all the undocumented crap, the lack of documentation, the abuse of their non-existent support section.

No thanks! I vote to stay with what we have.

We've been with westhost for roughly 6-7 years I believe. We're here because it works. If it works, please don't fix it.

05-14-2009, 09:27 AM
I predict that if you switch to cPanel, the expense for Westhost to support it will drive them to the edge. Put fire extinquishers next to each phone; they will be glowing in the dark.

05-14-2009, 10:02 PM
Hmmm.... I have always turned my nose up at cPanel as being something "for the masses". There is definitely this feeling of cPanel being bloated...

We have worked fairly extensively with Interworx and Plesk since, and I have to say with some degree of sheepishness that cPanel is the one that gives us the least headaches and has the most practical features and that we are likely to go with cPanel for our future VPS setups (I'm already fairly happy with cPanel for shared hosting account control and am not really looking for an alternative anymore).

Plesk is THE WORST, imo. It is slow (comparable to the WH Site Manager in slowness) and the most unintuitive as far as I'm concerned. (It is pretty though...) Honestly, for me, Plesk ends up being only marginally better than the free manager that comes with lxlabs' HyperVM.

I actually am rather fond of Interworx, and am starting to find its built-in RRD graphs indispensable for getting a gauge of a VPS' health. Compared to cPanel however, there are some critical features that are missing from Interworx such as the ability to change the domain name of an account plus a few others.