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04-11-2009, 04:51 PM
FWIW, I try to skim every Westhost Client Connection newsletter but over the years there have been a few issues which I did not have time to look through. I do not frequent these forums, but I do visit and peruse posts every once in a while. I never looked at the Westhost Blog [until yesterday].

I recall reading something very brief about 4.0. I think it was the "...The focus of this project includes an upgrade of our current hosting platform from our Site Manager control panel to cPanel... more user friendly and you will also enjoy increased functionality..." verbage in Volume VI Issue II. I did not and do not associate a control panel change with a VPS platform change, much less a switch to shared hosting. So I'm expecting "no major changes, same or better level of control, performance, management, price, etc... just some differences in how things are accomplished via the web interface... nothing to worry about and nothing which requires close monitoring". Along comes the April 09 Client Connection. It too contains no details, but it does contain a link to the recently posted FAQ. Fortunately, I had the inclination and time to click through and dig for crucial information. I think I've found and read most if not all of the important messages at Westhost and VPS.net.

Perhaps Westhost has a viable plan and truly expects to transition its "Westhost VPS Hosting" clients to genuinely equivalent VPS plans. Perhaps not. Either way, it sounds as though all existing and some near future VPS clients will be experiencing a substantial change to the service they purchased. I think it most important and appropriate that Westhost make every effort to proactively notify its clients in a clear, conspicuous, and "unavoidable" manner. Two examples of which would be an email with subject "Important changes to your hosting plan" and a prompt displayed after Site Manager login, which directly and explicitly communicate key facts. The upcoming changes seem far too important to "bury" in the newsletter, forums, or blog. I hope and suspect that you feel the same way and you will be more explicitly notifying clients once future platforms and plans are firmed up yet still numerous months before any VPS clients must make the choice between shared, VPS.net, and other.

04-12-2009, 07:01 AM
Will an email and message on the Site Manager truly cover all the bases? I think you are right that this is a major change and that perhaps WestHost clients do not realize that. I believe that WestHost feels that the majority of their clients well not even notice since they do not use the full abilities of the VPS environment. Remember they have access to a lot of information that we do not. :) For that reason they choose to down play the move in platforms in official releases.

04-13-2009, 11:39 AM
One might question that, and those who are taken by surprise likely will.

I suppose that platform changes, the acquisition, hosting VPS.net's US cloud and supporting its development and beta testing, launching the Westhost 4.0 beta, and in general having to mesh/time one's plans with those of other entities might put a strain on an organization. I suppose an organization might intend to be very explicit with its clients, but feel the need to keep things somewhat vague and under most peoples' radar until they have had a chance to mature future solutions and plans.

Perhaps it is too early to tell how things will play out... too early to judge the organization(s) involved. I'm willing to wait and see how things go in the future.

04-13-2009, 02:18 PM
Gent's - there is another discussion here on the forums on the same subject.

I posted there earlier today: http://forums.westhost.com/showpost.php?p=44900&postcount=26 and I welcome your input to the process in any way possible.