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04-03-2009, 10:40 AM
Update: For new and additional information about our cPanel hosting, please see our KnowledgeBase! Launched in February of 2012. http://kb.westhost.com/

We have put together this Q&A to help answer common questions regarding the transition to the cPanel platform. We will continue to update this list with more common questions and answers as new information is released.


Q: What is WestHost cPanel?
A: WestHost cPanel is the next hosting platform we will be migrating to over the next year.

Q: Will WestHost cPanel offer a VPS solution?
A: Yes, WestHost's Cloud Reseller (http://www.westhost.com/reseller-hosting/) plan provides root access in a VPS solution.

Q: Do I have to migrate to WestHost cPanel?
A: No, however the technology we have been using for our VPS solution is not being developed. We will allow existing clients to remain on the WestHost 3.0 platform although we recommend migrating. We are confident our new shared hosting, managed dedicated servers and VPS.NET solution will provide a better hosting environment all around.

Q: Is my custom software going to work on your new platform?
A: Generally speaking if it is a Perl or PHP application (or something of that nature) then yes it should work just fine. If it is custom software that must be *installed* on the server like Subversion or a special mail filtering software then the answer is no.


Q: Am I going to have better control over e-mail and ftp users and have access?
A: Yes

Q. Will I be able to set up mail aliases for secondary domains?
A. This is easily managed within cPanel. cPanel allows aliases to be created on a per domain basis. Unlike our current control panel, alias@domaina.com and alias@domainb.com can be set to deliver to two separate locations or can be piped to a program or script.

Q. Will there be separate Mailboxes for multidomain?
A. This is easily managed within cPanel as well. cPanel allows for the creation of e-mail addresses on a per domain basis. That is user@domaina.com and user@domainb.com are two completely separate mail boxes.

Q. Will I be able to remove Captcha from Formmail?
A. Formmail will continue to be supported. It will be installed on a per account basis so clients will retain the ability to edit scripting as necessary. cPanel will also offer a formmail clone that can be managed within the control panel.

Q. Does WestHost 4.0 have support for Procmail?
A. WestHost 4.0 does support per-user (as in email user) filters. The user can either login via the webmail interface and set their own filters there, or you can set filters for them via the WestHost 4.0 Interface.


Q: Can Resellers control which servers their accounts are hosted on?
A: Yes, all of the Reseller's accounts will be hosted on the same servers their account is hosted on.

Q: Will Resellers still have access to their clients control panel from their control panel?
A: Yes, the new Server Manager control panel is called WHM and via WHM, Resellers will have the ability to gain access to the vast majority of the functionality of their clients new control panel, cPanel.

Applications / Other:

Q: Will I still be able to use and make updates/changes to the Web site creator?
A: Yes, this will be available with WestHost 4.0.

Q: Is ImageMagick and GD going to be available on the servers?
A: Yes it will.

Q: What script installer will you be using?
A: We will be using Installatron.

Q. Will WestHost 4.0 offer htaccess rewrite and redirect?
A. We will allow full override to .htaccess files. Overrides will be enabled and clients will be able to create and utilize redirects/rewrites in .htaccess files.

Q. Will installing Git be an option?
A. This hasn’t been tested yet but it looks as if Git will be supported with an account that has a dedicated IP address and SSH access at the current time. More information will become available during and following the beta.

Q. Will I be able to generate a self-signed certificate?
A. This is actually quite easy. There is a wizard built into cPanel to create and manage SSL certificates. It is quite intuitive.

Q. Does WestHost 4.0 have support for ssh?
A. Yes it does in a jailshell environment depending on the plan selected.

Q. Does WestHost 4.0 have support for access to web server logs?
A. Yes you will have access to your domain logs.

Q. Does WestHost 4.0 have support for access to mail server logs?
A. No it will not. If you need more information regarding something in the logs you will need to contact support directly.

Q. Which logs specifically will I have access to?
A. You get access to just the domain access logs. This is not something that can be changed. You will get an interface to the error_log in your cPanel interface.

Q. Will I be able to install Perl Modules globallay/locally?
A. You will be able to install the Perl Modules in your home directory.

Q. What about C/C++ programs which might need compiling such as ht://Dig? Will gcc/g++ still be available?
A. No, it will not. If you need to be able to do more advanced things such as compiling programs you will need to upgrade to a VPS.

Q. Will WestHost 4.0 offer ffmpeg or the ability to install them along with needed requirements?
A. No it will not. Due to system resources this would require the need of a VPS.

Q. Will we be restricted to a single MySQL database?
A. This will depend on the plan that is selected.

Q. What version of MySQL will be available?
A. Version 5.1

Q. Will we be able to run PHP5 or PHP4?
A. Yes, you will be able to choose through your cPanel.