View Full Version : Adding playlist feature to Darwin server?

03-29-2009, 04:27 AM
Hi there,
I am one of those having selected Westhost business pro plan because of the availability of a Darwin streaming server application. I am more than disappointed that after signing for the plan I had to recognize, that the Darwin package offered by Westhost is a kind of crippleware, as major features have been disabled from access:

- no playlist feature
- no video live streaming (video streaming user account not available)
- no audio live streaming (audio streaming user account not available)

My findings listed above have been confirmed by Westhost support yesterday. I also searched this forum and found, that I am not the first one to be "disappointed" about this reduced Darwin feature set, which has not been announced on the business plan feature list.

OK, but now I am here and try to make the best out of it. Westhost support told me, that it is possible to add the missing features by tweaking the Darwin installation. I am not an absolute Linux newbie, however my practical experience is much limited, unfortunately.

Has anybody here managed to add one of the features listed above to his Darwin installation? My main interest is to get the playlist feature and administration working. Any advice is more than welcome!

03-31-2009, 10:50 AM

I could manage to enable the MP3 server:

- edit file /etc/streaming/streamingserver.xml
- search for "<MODULE NAME="QTSSMP3StreamingModule" >"
<PREF NAME="mp3_streaming_enabled" TYPE="Bool16" >false</PREF>
- Change >false< to >true<
- search for <PREF NAME="mp3_broadcast_password" > </PREF>
in the same module
- change > < to password of your choice (otherwise anybody can log in)
- save and restart server

I could stream using Nicecast on Macintosh, format used was either Icecast1 or Shoutcast. However, there are regular audio clicks/drops every 2-3 seconds which I do not have on my dedicated internet radio streaming server. Still some steps to go as it seems...

No progress on the video issues so far. The streaming server login box is asking for name and password when trying to stream with Quicktime broadcaster, however none of the name/pw combinations I tried worked. Of course I also tried Darwin admin name and PW, as nothing else can be set up in the Westhost Darwin version.