View Full Version : A/V server on westhost

12-15-2008, 09:10 AM
I am trying to find a decent (and preferable free) server to use on multiplayer flash applications. I have tried ElectroServer and SmartFoxServer both on my WestHost VPS, and with a lot of help from expets in those program, I'm having no luck.

I cannot get anything on ElectroServer (search my previous postings). With with SmartFoxServer, the main app works, but I cannot get the RedBox portion to load. The main point of my project is sharing live video, so the RedBox portion is vital.

Both applications seem to hang around the area where port 1935 (for RTMP) is grabbed, which I have verified with tech support and searching on here that it is available.

Has anyone had luck in running a server using RTMP on a westhost VPS?

Thanks for any help and ideas!