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09-26-2008, 12:24 PM

I am having trouble with the MW formmail script

I keep receiving the error

"The form attempting to use FormMail resides at http://www.example.xyz, which is not allowed to access this cgi script.

If you are attempting to configure FormMail to run with this form, you need to add the following to @referers, explained in detail in the README file.

Add 'www.example.xyz to your @referers array."

Obviously I have tried that and searched this and other forums for help no luck yet


Cheers for any help


09-26-2008, 01:04 PM
Is this the FormMail installed via the WestHost Site Manager or did you get it some place else?

The instructions given to you by the error are correct and if you have added domain to the referers array and uploaded it back to the server it should work. If not then more then likely it is a user error at some point in the process. :)

09-26-2008, 01:14 PM
Hi Thanks for that

I have tried the original suggestion the line looks like this

@referers = ('www.example.xyz');

also tried

@referers = ('example.xyz');


@referers = ('www.example.xyz','example.xyz');

+ varations without quotes

Im not ruling out user error ...............yet but I just dont know where / how


Martyn :confused:

09-27-2008, 04:52 AM
@referers = ('example.xyz'); is correct and should work.

It has to be something else. Try to think about really simple mistakes you may have made. I do it all the time. :) For example are you sure you are uploading your changed file to the correct place? Is the form actually pointed at the cgi file you changed? Have you tried your changes out in other browsers or on other computers?

10-17-2008, 10:28 AM
This also works:

@referers = qw(dattasmoon.com othersite.com bla.com );
then you don't have to worry about quotes and commas and stuff like that.