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08-20-2008, 09:37 AM
What (if any) rotation scripts does WH have set up on the 3.0 VPSes? So for any log files, received email files, and anything else that is setup that will automatically archive and/or compress and/or delete files (including old archives)?

Thanks all.
-Mike (PS, I have returned after being away for 2 years.)

From WH Liveperson chat...

Derek: Hello! Thank you for contacting WestHost. Please allow me one moment to review your question.
Derek: you can view the scripts that we run in your crontab file
Mike: all scripts are within the crontab? nothing outside my level of access?
Derek: correct
Mike: thank you. i would like permission to add this to a post on the WH forums. would that be ok?
Derek: that shouldn't be a problem if you have a forum account go ahead and log in and make a post if you find the information helpful
Mike: i do. and i expect others should. while there are certain to be other posts on the topic, one more never hurts when people are doing a relevant search. plus i am interested to know what anyone on the forum may have to add on the topic.

WestHost - MCox
08-20-2008, 10:19 AM

There is a logrotate.conf file that manages the log rotation. There is an active thread going about editing that file at:

08-21-2008, 06:32 AM
Don't forget that WestHost scans your account every other month for email mailboxes and compresses them if they are over 75mb. If an old archive is found at the time it is deleted. You have no control over this other then keeping your mailbox cleaned out or moving to IMAP for mail which does allow for mailboxes over 75mb and are not scanned and compressed.