View Full Version : video for WindowsMediaPlayer?

06-12-2008, 08:30 AM
I have successfully installed the Darwin Server and currently have a couple .mov files playing. I have a request from someone running Windows 2000 and can't view the movies.

Is there a Quicktime player for Windows 2000 that will work with the Darwin Server? the link that he gets for the quicktime player is only for WinXP or Vista.

If I use mpeg movies instead of .mov will any windows viewers work?

Is Windows video server not available on Westhost because it costs $$?

Would a VLC player be an answer to the problem?

any other workarounds?

thanks in advance,


06-14-2008, 03:43 AM
VLC will play most formats, I have never given it a file and it not been able to play it. The reason Windows Video Server is not available on WestHost is because it is only for Windows as far as I can tell, and WestHost is a Linux only platform... Thank goodness too, Windows servers suck big time, too high requirements, slow speeds, security problems, etc.

If I use mpeg movies instead of .mov will any windows viewers work?
that all depends on the codecs you use. I personally do not stream videos from my site, Flash does the job for me. Almost everybody has it installed, you can get pretty high quality for low file size, there is no need to stream, or convert into several different formats or other weird stuff.