View Full Version : Retrieving passwords?

06-09-2008, 01:20 PM
My harddrive recently crashed and I lost all of my reseller account passwords - I have tried resetting the password in the Control Panel, but am still unable to access the site via FTP, or the file manager built into the control panel (which requires a password that used to be the same as the control panel password). HELP! How can I retrieve/reset all passwords associated with the accounts?

06-09-2008, 01:54 PM

It sounds like you may need to contact WH direct. What do you mean when you say you tried resetting the password in the Control Panel? With WestHost there are two interfaces available to you when you have a resellers account. Server Manager is what they call the one where you log in with your reseller username and password and it shows all the accounts you handle. The Site Manager is the interface used for each account and has the File Manager, Site Applications page etc.

06-09-2008, 02:15 PM
I got it worked out. I had success using the Site Manager to change password. It changes the password for the FM and PMA as well. Then, once I was able to get in via FTP, I was able to change the password for Dadamail in the config.pm file. Whew! What a PITA. I'll have to do this for a good number of accounts, unfortunately.