View Full Version : Rails suddenly stopped working. Help?

05-28-2008, 10:40 PM
On my site I have a rails app that allows users to enter info and that info gets formatted and posted in a table/calendar. As of a week or so ago, it stopped functioning. I believe that one of the Techs said there was an upgrade that occured. Whatever it is, my site no longer works and my subscribers are mad.

Problem is that I do not know anything about Rails and my friend that created the db is no longer available.

Is there anyone out there that might be interested in helping me out? The error that I am getting is simply:

Application error (Rails)

I feel like this is the type of thing where something simple changed and screwed up some linkage somewhere. :(

I am lost, and losing subscribers. I suppose I would consider paying someone for help...though my site is a free public service for local musicians and artists so I would love to avoid that :)

Thanks in advance.