View Full Version : Several Miva Modules for sale

03-29-2008, 06:06 PM
I am no longer using Miva for my site and have several modules that I would like to sell. All these modules come with the license key and I purchased them direct from the mfg. I want 500.00 for all of them. You can pay with paypal and the first person to resond gets them. I though about totaling my cost up but I knew I would want more then 500.00. You can total the cost up on your own. It's well over 500.00

email mike@little.tv

Category Assignment 5.0 Manager from Sebenza
Category Tree Template 5.0 from Sebenza
Contact Manager from Emporium Plus
Category Template Manager 5.0 from Sebenza
Points Redemption Manager 5.0 from Sebenza
Datafeed Manager from Emporium Plus
Free Shipping 5.0 from Advanz Design
Item Manager 5.0 from Sebenza
Store Helper from Latu
Login Lookup from Sebenza
Meta Master Advanz Design
Power Search from Emporium Plus
Product Template Manager 5.0 Sebenza
Quick Start Toolbar Sebenza
Product Reviews 5.0 Sebenza
Contact Form from STL
Product Flags from STL
Tell a Friend from Advanz Designs
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Ultimate Gift Certificates 5.0 Sebenza
Welcome and Forgot email 5.0 Sebenza

The disclosure part:
Once I sell these modules they will be completly removed from my computer.

03-29-2008, 07:17 PM
I have had several developers complain about selling these. There not for sale now. I should not have bought these until I was sure Miva was right for me. I ain't and I'm now using aspdotnetstorefront. If anyone want to learn about my experiences with Miva then drop me a note.