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03-23-2008, 03:55 PM
To change your password for logging in as the administrator for OSCOMMERCE, simply ftp into the directory : /usr/local/webpassword

you should see a file there called: wp001.dat

edit that file with the new user name and password. This is an encrypted password, so you won't be able to "see" the old one, but you'll be able to generate a new one by going to another website that generates "htpasswd encryption" one I found on google did the trick for me, <http://www.4webhelp.net/us/password.php> (http://www.4webhelp.net/us/password.php)

the file should be named the same - and should look like

then FTP the new file back over, then you should be cmod to 777 (at least mine was this way before, so I assume it still needs to be the same)

If you're using FireFTP (from Firefox) right click on the file and click on properties (CTRL-P)
see the image http://jeyla.com/images/webpassword.gif

The webstore can be seen at http://www.jeyla.com

WestHost - MCox
05-13-2008, 12:20 PM

One thing to be aware of with these instructions is that the wp001.dat file is actually created by the Web Password application for the first URL that is is password protecting. By default, OsCommerce doesn't use the Web Password application for the password protection, so this will only be the right file to update if you used Web Password to password protect your OsCommerce admin.

The best way to verify which file is actually being used for the password protection, open the .htaccess file in your OsCommerce admin directory (/var/www/html/catalog/admin by default) and view the AuthUserFile setting in that file.

Please note that the default file that is used is /usr/local/apache/.htpasswd. This file is also used by other applications, such as AWStats and phpMyAdmin. So, updating the password using this method will update the password for any other applications that use that file. Also, that file will get updated to your Site Manager password if you ever change the password through your Site Manager.