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03-04-2008, 10:37 PM
same issue here, with the holidays i forgot to sign up for the december special and i was hoping for an upgrade special for existing customers in jan or feb before my account renewed for 2 years on march 1. you know how that went.

03-05-2008, 10:38 AM
This posting is to advocate that WestHost should give their veteran clients some priority access to the monthly hosting specials. I respectfully suggest that such priority is in the best interests of both the clients and the corporation.

As a five-year WestHost client, with my multi-year hosting account subscription ready to expire soon, I was looking forward to moving on to the great advertised monthly special last month (February). Alas, it was not available as an upgrade to current WestHost accounts. But, I thought, no problem, I'll just wait and sign up for the March hosting special. Then to my surprise, the great March monthly special also was not available as an upgrade to current WestHost accounts!?#

The U.S. Army (along with many other employers) understands the value of loyalty and retention - and gives its veterans a re-enlistment BONUS to boot! That is, the Army REWARDS its veterans for their loyalty in staying onboard. If WestHost were fully business/customer service wise, they would have a retention bonus/discount to attract and reward veteran clients’ retention.

In any event, "if I were the King" of WestHost, I'd show I value my veterans and give them full unrestricted upgrade/downgrade availability to the very best hosting plans, including all of the monthly specials. In fact, I’d likely have some “loyalty specials” only for veterans. As a landlord, I always give my incumbent clients special priority to whatever is the best deal available, and usually at a price break and with a signing bonus. As a result, I have a stable incumbent base of loyal clients who understand that I truly value their patronage.

I believe that the more experience a client has with WestHost, the more we will appreciate and trust WestHost’s real commitment to quality hosting services and, most importantly to me, to real customer service. As a result, I’ve been an open advocate of WestHost for some time now. That’s why I was surprised and even hurt to find that my loyalty was not enough to permit me to upgrade my current account to the advertised monthly specials. I recommend that WestHost’s chiefs reassess this practice and promptly affirmatively reach out to the veteran clients’ community as the valuable corporate resources that we are.

WestHost - CReeves
03-05-2008, 12:52 PM
Dear Allyn & Etters,

Thank you for your feedback regarding our specials. We do value our veteran clients and appreciate their loyalty. All clients are eligible for our “Big 10 Special” when opening a new account. However, as you both mentioned this special is not available for upgrades from an existing account. We have in the past offered specials that were eligible for existing account upgrades (as we did throughout 2007) and I anticipate there will be others like this in the future. We do value your feedback and input and I will ensure that your suggestions are passed through the appropriate channels for consideration. For those of you who may be interested in adding a new account the current “Big 10 Special” is certainly a great offer you won’t want to pass up. For those of you wanting to upgrade your existing plan please consider one of our great offers (current plans) we have available or look for other specials that may come out in the future. Again, we appreciate your comments/suggestions and I will ensure that your feedback is taken for consideration.

03-05-2008, 11:44 PM
how did my posting, which i posted in response to etters, become the "base note"? weird.