View Full Version : Erratic Inventory Levels/Dissappearing Product Images

11-07-2007, 01:33 PM
I manage an online store built on Miva Merchant 4. The site has been experiencing a few problems since I've worked with it:

- Inventory levels change spontaneously and randomly: Miva has shown products to be stocked in the hundreds or shows negative inventory when there should never be more than ten or less than zero.

- Product images dissappear completely from the server spontaneously and randomly.

- Product description text becomes unformatted spontaneously and randomly.

These changes seem to appear over a length of time rather than all at once, affecting different items in different categories in no certain pattern.

I audit the site regularly to reset incorrect inventory and reload missing product images but the same problems return within 24 hours. These errors occur whether I fix things by reloading product information through the 'import flat file' option, or by resetting each product's inventory level manually.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what may be causing these errors and how they can be remedied? Is there a reccomended consultant for Miva Merchant support?