View Full Version : Adding Google Checkout to Miva 4.24 woes

10-12-2007, 01:08 PM
I followed the instructions to add Google Checkout to my site. Miva Ver. 4.24. I got to the very last part and got lost. It's where the Google Checkout Button is supposed to be added. It says; 1. Expand Stores on the Miva menu. 2. Click on the store I want to add it to. 3. Click, OpenTokens. The problem is, there is no "OpenTokens" feature. There is a "Button" feature so I clicked on it instead. Step 4 then says; Click the "Add" feature, however there is no "Add" feature. Am I in the wrong area? Here are the instructions. This area is near the bottom. http://docs.smallbusiness.miva.com/en-US/merchant/google/mm4/Google_Checkout_in_MIVA_Merchant_4.htm

10-17-2007, 08:38 PM
You're not doing anything wrong, really, the instructions are just very poorly laid out. Instead of listing all of the necessary requirements at the beginning of the instructions, it appears as though they only decided to inform the user of the OpenUI requirement at that point in the instructions (i.e. at the bottom of that huge list of procedures).

So, the problem you're having, is due to the fact that you (apparently) don't have the OpenUI module installed. Your only options, if you're intent on using GC, are: buy OpenUI (it's still availabe on MivaCentral), find a host that offers a Miva Merchant 4.x and OpenUI bundle, or upgrade to Merchant 5 which I don't believe has any additional requirements.

Good luck.