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07-25-2007, 05:07 AM
I have a client that has a business office in Brazil who would like to purchase a .com.br, .net.br, and a .org.br domain name. They will also be purchasing the same domain name with a .com, .net and .org extension. The name is available in the U.S.

Does anyone know of a trusted source through which to purchase .br domains? The company does have business offices there, so that shouldn't be a hurdle. Also, is the cost for a domain considerably more expensive outside of the U.S.? I did find one site that was selling .com.br domains for $130 usd.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


07-25-2007, 06:24 AM
The ICANN of Brasil are registro.br (http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&u=http://registro.br/faq/faq1.html&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3DQuem%2Bpode%2Bregistrar%2Bum%2Bdom%25 C3%25ADnio%2B%2BBrasil%2Bsite:registro.br%26hl%3De n%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-GB:official%26hs%3DGI0%26sa%3DG)and they appear to charge R$30 per annum for a .com.br domain (about $16 US). Everyone else is an agent for them. For example, RegistroBrasil (http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&u=http://www.registrobrasil.com/br/f_1.jsp&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3DQuem%2Bpode%2Bregistrar%2Bum%2Bdom%25 C3%25ADnio%2B%2BBrasil%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefo x-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-GB:official%26hs%3DLtK) charges R$49 per annum, but like the others is just an agent for registro.br

It would appear that you need all your Brazillian documentation in order to register a domain. I have linked to translated versions of their pages in case your Portuguese is not up to it. Mine's very rusty ;)

Tudo bem?

07-25-2007, 08:14 AM
Thanks for the great information. You've saved me hours of research. I appreciate your help.