View Full Version : Attributes into separate SKUs

06-19-2007, 01:32 PM
I am working on a new Miva 5 store that (i'd like) to use generated product pages in Miva. This is one of many stores that all go into stone edge for inventory tracking. The problem is, since the other stores use static html product pages, each size/color/etc attribute is set up into a separate SKU, so consequently, this new store has a separate product page for each attribute.

I am searching for some way to separate each attribute into a separate sku before it goes into stoneedge. Our current SKU system is in three sets of digits like 101-004-11 where the last set of 2 digits represents the attribute. Essentially all I would need was a way to have a product with an SKU like 101-004 then have some kind of module or script string the attribute code of 11 onto the end of the SKU right before it goes into stoneedge. Is there anyway of doing this? I've been frantically searching everywhere. I considered using sub-SKUs in stone edge, which seemed like it would be perfect, but I was told by a stone edge guy that if i had a sub-sku for sizes for this store, and then just separate SKUs for the other stores, it would mess up the inventory. help! :o