View Full Version : Looking for Miva Consultant

05-07-2007, 06:00 PM
Hey Everyone,

I have done a handful of websites over the past 5 years and also dabbled with PHP. I built my wife a website for her quilting fabric business and the time has come to revamp it and streamline it. I got miva 5 installed and I inputted all her products and setup categories, etc. But its still kicking my butt! Im not the greatest at graphic design but I can muddle thru that. I'm looking for someone, preferrably in the Twin Cities (MN) area that would want to work with me (consult) showing me Miva so I can get this going for my wife. Im very computer saavy. I have a Miva book which is good but I have some detailed questions and dont want to flood forums with that.

Please email me at mdojet@aol.com