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03-29-2007, 04:39 PM
I have been here at WH for over 5 years. I have been on an old dedicated server all of this time. They are disconinuing the old dedicated servers, so I had to move everything over to a new reseller account.

I have one site that is huge, over 6000 pages, and run it with Frontpage. And, Frontpage don't like sites that big. Whenever I have changed things in the borders in Frontpage on that site, it can't complete the task. I discovered long ago that I could go in with putty and do an "Attempt to Fix Frontpage." And this would solve the problem. Though I have to do it everytime I make a change in the Frontpage borders.

Logging in on the old dedicated server with putty, I simply logged in as webmaster, then used my user name for the first password.

Then, it gave me a bit of verbage about Policies, etc..

Then, at the prompt I typed in su -

It asked me for my password, then I would use my server password, and was in. I was at another prompt, mydomainname:~#

From here, I could type in account, fix, check, etc., and it would give me menus with numbered choices to select what I wanted to do.

But, on the new reseller setup, when I log in to one of my domains with putty, it wants my actual user name and password right up front, then it gives me this prompt:

[mydomainname] [~]$

If I type in account, fix, etc., there, it says "command not found." If I type in su - it say "command not found.

What am I doing wrong, and how do I get to the fix, account, setup, check, etc, menus in a reseller account?


03-30-2007, 06:55 AM
I may be wrong, but the short answer - you don't. The reseller account is a VPS and not a dedicated platform, so we do not have true root (su) access. Also various of the default linux commands are unavailable to us mere mortals - look in /bin,/sbin and /usr/bin for what is available

You might be able to get Westhost to run the fix for you through Live Support. They are generally pretty good at doing things that require root access.

I suspect that you have to manage your users through the reseller/server manager (http://servermanager.westhost.com/) rather than through Putty. The help documents are available here (http://helpdocs.westserver.net/servermanager/)

03-31-2007, 11:14 AM
You are absolutely right Richard, the VPS systems don't have full root access.

I have since been working with the tech guys at WH, and we are working towards a long term solution for the problem. It is definately not a WH problem, it is that cursed Frontpage and shared borders, themes, etc., Once the site gets over a thousand pages or so, you start having server timeouts when publishing changes.

I solved the biggest part of the problem (day to day page updates) by working online when I update my site, versus publishing. But that doesn't solve the shared border issues.

For some reason, Microsoft thought is was a good idea for every single page to carry the info of the shared borders in the _vti files for EVERY page, versus the pages simply knowing to call the shared border, much like SSI does.

Who knows what they were thinking...

Anyway, thanks for your help, and I'll try to add the fix to this thread once WH has helped me through it.