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    Default blocking a domain from visiting my server

    hello wizards -

    due to virus-like activity, i have actually started to monitor the apache logs.

    in my access_log file, i see regular visits from


    unfortunately, every time it visits me, it uses a different IP number.

    any idea how i can block this domain from visiting me?


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    Are all of the IP's coming from Iraq as well? You can run the IP's through a site like this one in order to tell:

    If so, and if you are not getting legitimate traffic from Iraq, you could use in order to block the range of IP's from Iraq. I would recommend choosing the .htaccess deny method, and then entering in the range of IP's it gives you into a .htaccess file in the document root of your website.
    Nathan Collings
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    you could use a .htaccess file to block by referrer and/or user agent (as well as other things).
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    I think you meant .htaccess file. That is what Nathan was speaking of in his post.
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    yes, wildjoker, i did- thanks for pointing out my error. as usual, your dedication and attentiveness is very much appreciated.

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